Welcome to Rhythmic Vision

Rhythmic Vision provides a one-stop solution for all your rhythmic gymnastics competition needs!

We are supplying software, hardware and photography exclusively for rhythmic gymnastics. We help you set up your competition online, register gymnasts and judges, create a running order, manage all the hardware at the competition (apart from carpet, tables and chairs), provide a beautiful podium, and photograph or video your event for you.

Our ethos is that there is nothing more important than children's physical and mental health, and our goal is to improve this through making rhythmic gymnastics exciting, fair and safe for gymnasts of all ages. Furthermore, making the sport the best value for money for the parents. We also focus on tools to make everything flow smoothly and quickly for judges and everyone in the organisation.


Our software comes free with our package and includes full featured registration, electronic payments, music upload, running order generation, electronic check-in, electronic ticketing, electronic score entry, music, automatic announcing, results publishing, certificate printing and much more.


We have 2 podiums, a smaller 1-piece podium (shown here) as well as a larger 3-piece podium, suitable for groups. The podiums are designed to make the gymnasts feel as special as possible when standing on them! The larger podium can also have the full 3.6m wide facade printed with your own design for a very small cost. We have 2 high-end sound systems, which may be used in two halls simultaneously or combined for a clearer sound in reverberant halls. Big sound is one of the most important things at a competition as it inspires the gymnasts in their performace as well as making the whole competition a more spectacular show for the parents. We have a 30m background to cover up walls and help make the competition more professional looking. We have 12 full-colour spot lights controlled by a lighting console to make the day more sparkly and theatrical. These also work well as backlights for the 30m background. We have a projector and TVs to show anything you want such as live scores, live running orders, etc. The projector can project from behind the 30m background to project the name of the current gymnast on the background itself. We have many tools to help the judges and organisers such as the famous big green button (greatly shortening delay between routines), 24 judge name plates to smarten up the judges table, 12 10-inch tablets for electronic score entry, electronic check-in and other roles, 4 walkie talkies to enable smooth operation between competition carpet, ushers, judges' room, etc. We have a bar code scanner for electronic ticket inspection. We also have a balloo arch. If you have any requests for bespoke decorations, we can provide this too.


Rhythmic Vision also provides photography, with over 15 years experience photographing all forms of gymnastics. Our primary objective in phtoography is to create the very best quality photos possible. This primary goal we will not compromise on whatsoever, so for example, we use the top of the range Canon R3 camera and Sigma 70-200 and 120-300 lenses. Our secondary objective is to do this for the lowest possible price. Also, being directly linked to the system, our photography can be incorporated into the competition in clever ways, such as giving judges access to immediate photo replays directly on their consoles, showing photos on the score board, and providing parents with a one-stop website for looking at the schedule, results, and photography.

Other Services

Rhythmic Vision also provides a music editing service - we can seemlessly splice music together and time stretch it so it fits perfectly into the correct duration and also create proper fade outs. For £15 we will give you 3 versions to choose from. You can then pay £5 per change thereafter. Rhythmic Vision also provides photoshoots. Photoshoots are free with the ability to buy photos for £15 each afterwards. This offer requires a minimum of 10 girls to sign up.

Please contact for more information.